Broadcastify Pro App recensioner

Waste of time and money!

Paid $1.99 to download & find that you have to $30 to hear anything! Worthless!


Pro version should show tags especially since you own the system. Android version has tags why can’t IOS? Being able to run (without stopping) while simultaneously using a second scanner app. And auto restart stream after interruptions. (The “other” scanner app does this). OR.... Allow multiple simultaneous streams!!!!! PAID $20 for ScannerLive (your partners). Let me worry about data and battery life. NEED TAGS FOR THAT 5TH STAR. BTW. Recording would be nice. At least a minute or two.

Great app. Wished the playback archives would play in wave form

Great app. Wished the playback archives would play in wave form. Or a way to skip the silence between police activity. Because of this I may have to listen for 10 minutes without hearing a thing. Please Dev team!!

Great on iOS but Compared to Android app...

The android app shows which town is broadcasting when they broadcast. Will the iOS app soon be showing that also? Other than that its a great app!


Doesn’t work

Servers are down

I just paid to use this pos app to get updates on the Las Vegas shooter. Sorry but the servers are down. I want my money back

Not what it is made out to be

So I had the free one for about a month and decided to upgrade to the pro, not worth it. When you upgrade, it is nothing more than the free one. Don't waste your money, just get the free one.

Total garbage

Does not work at all. Total garbage. Money back please.

Works!! Can't believe it!

Wasted money on other apps. Couldn't get my area. Just found this. Listening to weather scanner!! Wunderground removed their weather radio streaming for some reason. Glad I found this! Thanks Broadcastify!!!!!

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